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Landscape Transformation Services/System Landscape Optimization

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and major internal restructuring are unavoidable milestones in today’s business. Enowa's SAP specialists can help you keep your SAP systems on track even as your business changes.

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Landscape Transformation Services/System Landscape Optimization

Don’t let M&A activity throw your SAP systems for a loop.

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Why Special Expertise

Concept #1

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and major internal restructuring can deliver great benefits to the business, but they can also create major headaches for SAP admins.

Historically, changing your SAP organizational structure involved costly, disruptive projects that left you with redundant data in your system and analytical reports that didn’t update your historical data to reflect the new reality of your business.

At Enowa, we take a different approach. Our implementation team uses powerful landscape transformation (LT) tools and gives you a proven framework to not only change your SAP landscape and organizational structure, but to change historical transactional data to reflect the new structure as well.

We can actually rewrite history by changing or deleting data to represent your new status, as if it were always the case. Here are some examples:

Imagine a company with:

Three divisions and 20 legal entities (company codes.) They want to sell one division that consists of seven company codes, but they don’t want to give the buyer sensitive information. Traditionally, this would involve creating a brand-new system and manually loading data into it. This is costly, time-consuming, and can impact the selling price. Plus, it doesn't allow for the migration of historical data.
With Enowa’s landscape transformation service, you can clone the whole system and then delete the unwanted company codes and transactional data. This is a vastly simplified method, and it preserves all historical data.

Consider another company:

That has been trading with six company codes, but the board decided to collapse the companies into one. Traditionally, a professional services project would be needed to create a new company code, migrate all open items, extend master data, and start trading as the newly created company. In this scenario, all historical data and reports would remain in the old structure.
With Enowa LT services, merging all companies into one, along with master data and open transactions, is simple. All historical data and reports will appear as one company code.

Landscape transformation projects reduce risk, deliver full data consistency and integrity and enable full transformations in the shortest possible time. The latest version of the tool encompasses 29 complete scenarios to cover all of your transformational requirements.

Concept #2

Leverage, Sell, Buy, and Restructure:

Sell a Company through
clone and delete
Reorganize Profit Centers
Reorganize Segments
Merge Companies
Merge Controlling
Merge Profit Centers
Merge Cost Center

Concept #2

Data Harmonization and Unification: 

Adjust Asset
Account Determination
Adjust Asset Classes
Adjust Fiscal Year Numbers
Change Chart of Accounts
Change Profit Centers
Change Cost Centers
Rename Controlling Areas
Rename Company Codes
Change Customer Numbers
Change Vendor Numbers
Rename Material Numbers
Rename Personnel Numbers

Concept #2

System Consolidation: 

Consolidate Systems with
Different or Matching
Create Shell for SAP ERP
Data To System on Different
or Matching Release
Integrate SAP ERP HCM
Merge SAP ERP HCM Systems
Split SAP ERP HCM Data To
System on Different or
Matching Releases
Delete SAP ERP HCM Data

Enowa has worked with large and small companies to assess, plan and execute organizational changes.  

Contact us to start the discussion and understand how Enowa’s Landscape Transformation Services can help you align your SAP system with your business.

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