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Enowa’s capabilities are different because our experts are different. All of our consultants know SAP inside and out. And all of our
consultants have years of real-world business experience.

That powerful combination of deep IT knowledge and business process expertise means that we can tailor a solution that drives value based on your needs.

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S/4HANA, SAP’s latest release, boasts more integrated, real-time functionality and is
available in the cloud or on premise.

S/4HANA Roadmaps and Strategy

S/4HANA is the next-generation ERP business suite. Enowa provides consulting services that help clients grasp SAP’s S/4HANA strategy and build an effective S/4HANA Roadmap.

S/4HANA Technical Migrations

Migrating to a new SAP platform like HANA can be a daunting task. Enowa's SAP HANA team has successfully migrated a variety of different clients' SAP ERP, SRM, BW, and SolMan systems to the HANA platform.

S/4HANA Implementations

S/4HANA is a powerful ERP tool and your company's key to the future. The Enowa SAP S/4HANA team was among the first to adopt the platform and help different clients explore S/4HANA solutions that fit their unique needs.

Core SAP Expertise

Enowa consultants have the core SAP expertise necessary to make any project or
support engagement a success. From simple optimizations to rollouts and mergers
with complex security and reporting requirements, Enowa excels at getting the job done.

Enhancements and Optimization

Even small changes to an SAP system can have a big impact on your business. Enowa's SAP experts can make enhancing and optimizing your SAP systems easier than you ever thought possible.

Template-based Global/Local Rollouts

Rollout programs are complex projects that require an experienced partner to bridge the gap between global and local requirements and enforce or define local standards. With combined decades of experience, Enowa's SAP consultants have the expertise needed to help you start your rollout program as soon as possible.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Businesses evolve and change with mergers and divestitures regularly. Enowa knows how to help with these complex projects at every step in the process.

Security and Governance, Risk, Compliance

The thought of missing something of legal importance can strain the efficiency of a business. Enowa's SAP consultants have plenty of experience working with SOX compliance and other legal requirements to help put your mind to rest.

Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence, Data Management and Advanced Analytics capabilities are essential parts of the digital enterprise and digital transformation process. Enowa's expert SAP consultants can help you turn data into insights, insights into action and action into results.

Remote Application Support and Enhancements

Traditional AMS service models leave a lot to be desired. Enowa understands traditional AMS services and improves this offering through our unique application support service that emphasizes customer service just as much as technical know-how.

Special Expertise

Enowa experts are well versed in most capability offered by the SAP suite, from Fiori
to Hybris to Industry Best Practices to PMO services. Our special expertise is tailored to
your business needs.

Industry Best Practices and Model Company

Time is a valuable asset when it comes to business. That’s why having a partner that understands and follows the standards for specific SAP implementations is essential.

PMO Services and Quality Assurance/Risk Management

Since every SAP project is different, having access to the lessons learned from a variety of prior experiences is invaluable. Enowa's SAP specialists have the experience needed to assist in countless quality assurance and risk management tasks leading your program with predictable success.

Landscape Transformation Services/System Landscape Optimization

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and major internal restructuring are unavoidable milestones in today’s business. Enowa's SAP specialists can help you keep your SAP systems on track even as your business changes.

Environmental Health and Safety

Many clients have the need to handle dangerous goods to stay within regulatory requirements. Enowa's EHS expertise makes compliance management a breeze.

User Experience/Fiori

User adoption is a common issue when it comes to getting the most out of your SAP solution. Enowa's team can help you improve your SAP system end user experience with Fiori.

Hybris Commerce

As the majority of personal shopping is now done online, corporate buyers are coming to expect more from the ecommerce experience of their suppliers. Enowa can help you explore Hybris B2B and B2C platforms to maintain an edge against the competition.

Supply Chain and Planning Optimization

Supply chains are always growing and increasing in complexity, size, and volatility. Enowa can help you manage the changing demands of your supply chain.


The ability to meet technical facets of an SAP landscape are needed, in particular for upgrades, Solution Manager and leveraging process/data mining tools.

System Usage Analysis and Process Mining

Without proper support, data projects can drain not only resources, but also valuable time that could be better used to improve your bottom line. Enowa's experts can employ third-party tools like Celonis and RBE Plus to empower you to make better decisions for your business.

ALM and Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is an important part of your landscape, by accelerating innovation, managing application life cycles and running solutions on one integrated platform. Enowa's ALM experts specialize in helping our clients get the most out of this valuable tool.


Keeping your system current is an important part of managing a stable landscape. Let Enowa ensure your SAP system is always technically up to date.

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